# Customer Site: Peedamulla Campgound

Posted: 2018-06-04
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This customer is based in rural location and it was important that the site was usable on a slow 3G connection, but they also wanted a modern design with custom fonts and full width images.

We solved this problem with heavy use of SVGs optimised using SVGO and appropriate use of JPEGs and PNGs optimised using imagemagick. We also re-used background images where possible to make page reloads faster.

The customer wanted the ability to edit most content on the site, so we made heavy use of Wordpress’ widgets, and the Custom Global Variables plugin so the customer can change contact details in one place and it will update all text and links.

Unfortunately the server and booking system were pre-arranged, so we did not have control over the style of functionality of the booking system, and were not able to put it on Superminimal’s quick gcloud server with HTTPS.

Design by Josh from Superminimal, development by me.