# Customer Site: Design Theory

Posted: 2018-06-04
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Design Theory is a medium size architectural design company in Perth, Australia. Their website was getting old and they wanted something to match their modern design style.

This site required a lot of custom layout so we used the Geneisis starter theme, which provides basic functionality with no layout or styles. The portfolio of past work was built using custom post types with custom fields so the client could enter new work themselves.

The image carousel on each project page had to be perfect to show off the clients work properly. We could not find a Wordpress plugin that was up to standard so we used slick slider, this was an awesome js library to work with and the site came out great.

A unique feature on this site was the tile image gallery (show on the screenshot below). I managed to achieve this effect with just two css selectors. And with a few additional media queries it looks great on tablets and phones too.

Design by Josh from Superminimal, development by me.