Jack Rose

Arduino LED controller

I had some LED strip lighting available and I’d wanted an interesting Arduino project for a while so this was the perfect opportunity.

Blazing Swan Temple

Blazing Swan is Perth’s Regional Burning Man event. In 2018 I was lucky enough to be the designer and project lead of the Temple.

Design Theory

Design Theory is a medium size architectural design company in Perth, Australia. Their website was getting old and they wanted something to match their modern design style.

JS Calculator

This was a vanilla JS calculator with a design based on a classic Casio. It was made as a FreeCodeCamp project.

Longreach recruitment

Longreach recruitment is a new small recruitment agency in Perth, Australia. They wanted a simple but effective site.

PSZ accountants

PSZ accountants are a Perth based firm that needed a modern new site.

Simon Game

This is a JavaScript version of the 80’s Simon game. It was built with Vue and can be played on Codepen.


This is a web app to help people improve English pronunciation by teaching them a simplified phonetic alphabet. It is being built using Laravel, Vue, and Docker.


The FreeCodeCamp Front End Certification is a 400 hour course covering the basic HTML, Bootstrap 3, jQuery, and ES6 fundimentals. I completed the course in May 2018.

Peedamulla Campground

This customer is based in rural location and it was important that the site was usable on a slow 3G connection, but they also wanted a modern design with custom fonts and full width images.